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  My name is Nate Stone, This is my first venture in online work. I will do my best to ake my long saga as short as possible for you. As a youth I was in the military "Police experience", This was lost due to my not being able to defend myself. Resulting in a brain injury that did not harm my cognitve mind or long term memory. But took everything from me physically, my short ter memory and the promising career I had started with the Air Force, and Policing. Next I worked hard at college and physical therapy because lifes tough and stops for noone. I have worked 19+ years at security and investigation, neither of which have allowed me any great strides in life. Now I am doing this in hopes of achieving "atleast a decent life" without re-inventing myself. Through my years of work with every color, creed, type of rational and irrational person Self defense and personal security make complete sence to me. You can not tell or safely assume, day to day that you know exactly whats gonna happen. Put your email in to recieve a weekly news letter that will explain more about why you all need to defend yourselves.